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If You Can’t Come To Us, We’ll Come To You

Minor denting servicesWe know that you love to flaunt your vehicle and make a statement. That’s why it’s disheartening to see a dent spoil its entire look and appeal. What’s worse is that your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to take it to an auto body shop. At DentTek Iowa L.L.C., we understand this and provide you with mobile paintless dent repair service throughout the Waterloo area.

Our certified technicians also offer mobile service for door ding removal and hail damage repair. DentTek Iowa L.L.C. takes pride in our prompt and professional services and unbeatable prices. Our paintless dent repairs are insurance approved and lifetime guaranteed.

Get rid of those ugly dents and dings from your truck, car or van. Call us today for an appointment!

DentTek Iowa L.L.C.
Cedar Falls, IA

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DentTek Iowa L.L.C.DentTek Iowa L.L.C. in Cedar Falls, IA, provides mobile dent repair services for cars, trucks and vans.